Call for LOI in an EE6-initiative of applied digital transformation

With the timeline for june 7th 2017 we ask all interested parties to get involved into our EE6-initiative. Nowadays energy efficiency actions require public participation. Before starting projects, the willingness of all participating end users for interaction must be scrutinized. Consideration of COP 21 targets in combination with low cost solutions convince all users, if their active role is clearly visible and the degree of feasibility is in range of daily practical use. So once a disruptive and integrative solution for broad ranges of end users is planned, the early investigation of social influence aspects is a must. ICT driven energy efficiency solutions in quarters – as an early application of digital transformation processes in the society – are in the very early steps of implementation.

First queries, pre-pilot actions together with landlord organisations in different end user structures of different age and gender groups, financial basic requirements generated some successful intermediate results. The first success was the positive response to the overall action, the second success Markus Wheaton Youth Jersey
was the measurable drop of energy amounts and therefore the drop of costs. The last factor was the most convincing one.

The CroClime project will take this positive social and technical dynamic as a challenge for a transeuropean application. The project seeks to develop and implement a variation of disruptive, low-cost solutions to enable measurable motivate changes of consumers of heating and cooling energy. ICT-driven measurement methods shall guarantee the image between all types of end user classes. Human willingness to act in Matt Jones Jersey
individual matter shall be ICT-supported under the respect of all gender and age aspects by lowing the barriers for the sustainable change of user behaviour. The objective is the inclusion of end users, in order to make them a part of the supporting action which will lead to an overall reduced energy consumption including power energy.

present draft form 4.3


The draft will  be uploaded latest on june 7th to the EU administration. We have prepared a draft that should first of all answer  first questions about technology and organisation as good as questions about the degree of involvement under csa circumstances.

CSA – the involvement of our direct proposal partners
CSA means a 100% coverage of all of the costs that are requested for funding.

Interested partners 9-10
For all interested science and cluster Mike Iupati Youth Jersey
organizations: this is the chance to get involved into the project. Please download our draft and read carefully our aims Please send us a LOI, so that we can check if we can get you integrated. Application partners (third party partners with buildings that should be used as pilot projects) can not be direct project partners. Direct partners should be universities, cluster organizations, chambers and other legal entities.

Application partners, not directed involved in csa action
We want our direct partners to identify further indirect application partners, which want to participate on the pilot project aims shown Troy Aikman Youth Jersey
in the application draft. These partners should bring in an amount of about € 400,- for each piloted dwelling or trade unit. These costs can not be covered by the EE6 framework. So the main duty of our direct partners is the identification and attenddance of further third party housing companies, housing associations, private real estate companies or public authorities and further parties willing to invest into disruptive digital transformation processes as Washington Nationals Womens Jersey
shown in the application form. Please hand out our LOI also to these identifies parties, as an LOI from third parties willing to invest is always a positove evaluation topic. So for these third parties the LOI would mean, that they want to get involved as applicants and investors. The fact, that they will not be funded for Victor Rask Womens Jersey
that, should be okay for them.

So interested partners from all across EU will find this very concrete application form with a strict timeline. Please check carefully if you can find an entity from your region willing to send us a LOI or please have a look if this could be interesting for yourself. If this application should not be interesting at all for you, please find out if you see some collaboration points with us outside this concrete application initiative. This might be an invest action for application,  r & d or applied science matters in other projects you are involved in. We will be very happy to support some action in your region regarding our proposal topics.

Next steps:

Please send us your LOI and/or your questions asap. We will try to integrate your ideas, your support and your competence to adjust the different technological and administrative questions including the budget questions. Those partners which send us a loi will get the budget plans very soon and we will organise a skype or phone conference after the 9 th 0f may 2017.


Jörg Lorenz

green with IT e.V.
Charlottenstr. 16
10117 Berlin
VR 33664 B
Tel: +49 179 4549780

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