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Green with IT has participated in many regional pre-establishment activities since 2006.

Our network’s success began on 07.2006, when Christoph Irrgang of the IHK Berlin founded the new field “Mobility and Communication” with the spokespersons of the initiative “We make IT Berlin-Brandenburg”. The elected spokesman CEO of FrEqUeNz eG., Jörg Lorenz, took over in May 2007, creating the “Working Group 5 Consumer and IT” of the Brandenburg ICT dialogue on 27/09/2007 with the participation of the then Brandenburg Economics Minister Junghanns took place in the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam-Babelsberg.

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In the following years this approach to end-user-oriented research and development was monitored continuously: first, a Brandenburgischer eV was founded in Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in the region, which joined the network “MOBKOM” and in the context of a GRW measure the theme “CO2 minimization “in 2007 as “threads tile” adopted.

In addition to a success story on the topic “waste” the network also has another “consumer and IT” theme: The saving of heating energy in the low investment-range. This means that all tenants, even in low-income structures, receive a separate, affordable option for design, to reduce the greenhouse gas CO2. The goal is to answer the question, “How can all users contribute to improving the climate footprint?” with globally marketable applications featuring completely novel actuators and sensors based on EnOcean technology concepts. In tenant cities like Potsdam, Berlin and elsewhere this could become the basis for everyday landlord-tenant interactions.

At the expense of its members, the Green with IT network has selected many pilot projects and compared the results with a respective selected reference structure and so collected its own field data in advance of a R&D project. Through years of painstaking work in dialogue with the housing associations and the ETI-Committee of IHK Potsdam, the network created a practical approach. The details of this product were then further researched under an R & D project with the name “proFIF”.

Minister Junghanns encouraged the network to continue in this vein during his visit to to the PCB assembly in Mittenwalde on 18/07/2008.

For the eleventh Technology Transfer Day Berlin-Brandenburg, the project of domestic science was presented. The TH Wildau provided the project details on a display.  

In plenary Jürgen Maaß, Head of Development at Kieback & Peter, could explain the key points of this “major R & D” – the joint project with Birgit Wilkes: simplify instead of complicate! But although it seems simple, it is highly complex.

Through the active support of the EEN offices Frankfurt (in the person of Mrs Malgorzata Kruger) the first international institutes were attentive to the network’s developing technologies and projects. In various other EEN meetings the hardworking helpers to the EEN-Office of Berlin first project began talks with business users.

We do not want to repeat the missed opportunities of the Transrapid, the mp3 protocol and the CD: our site will scoop up the values of the potential R & D in the world market: labour and skilled workers, USPs, settlement of suppliers and last but not least: sales!

The success story continues with a completely new network!

green with IT e. V. Berlin-Brandenburg

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