2016-09-14 COP 21 Berlin: Workshop results facing EU and China


First english spoken conference COP 21 Berlin with Prof. Dieter Flämig as our keynote-speaker: the world climate summit in Paris 2015 (COP21) has agreed in final basics for the world wide compliance with the target of a maximum increase of  2 degrees celsius facing climate Cody Zeller Jersey
warming. China and US have signed now, Germany will follow in Nov 2016.

As defined by R. Dubos „Think globally, act locally!“ now every community must deliver its contribution to go for this target. The federal german state of Berlin has already defined „climate neutrality until 2050“ as an adjusted political aim and has shown new disruptive ways e.g. by the Enquete-Kommission „Neue Energie für Berlin“.


Erster h2020-Antragsbeteiligung green with IT nimmt erste Hürde in Brüssel

Gute Neuigkeiten aus Brüssel: Der erste h2020-Antrag mit Beteiligung green with IT (INNOSUP-1-new mare) wurde für die erste Stufe bestätigt. Gern haben wir die excellente Bewertung zur Kenntnis genommen und sehen dies als Ansporn an, den Voll-Antrag nun so mit zu gestalten, dass auch in der zweiten Stufe die positive Dynamik unseres Antrages erhalten bleibt:


econet china: A Platform For Sino-German Cooperation in Sustainability – 德中生态商务平台: 助力中德可持续领域的合作

2014 is widely recognised as a milestone in Sino-German cooperation. The frequent visits by high level politicians and leaders underline both countries’ determination to intensify the bilateral relations and create a “comprehensive strategic partnership” and an “innovation partnership”. When considering the over 200 cooperation initiatives and projects launched in 2014, environment, energy and climate are always top priorities. For instance, Chancellor  Angela Merkel’s speech on environment and sustainable development at Tsinghua University drew wide attention from the international community.