FrEqUeNz eG.

Our cooperative researches and develops collaborative innovations, provides needed support to currently important social issues such as EU “Sustainable Cities” (sustainable cities) or “elderly people care.” (eHealth, Ambient Assisted Living AAL). We support projects and applications for energy optimization in real estate stocks, transport and industry, material flows in cities in terms of electricity, waste, heating and communicative interpersonal design of wheelchair accessible and cross-generational living, as well as mobile value-added services for portfolio managers and tenants caregivers.


Applications of energy efficiency:

Cloud-based telemetric building services, inventory data management

Camera Security, Internet sales portals, online visualization of inventories, operating costs and optimization, mobile steward, House Union Station Management online, energy optimization and accounting


Smart Meter Gateway, Smart Devices B2B, B2C Smart Devices for tenants BYOD, all common ERP systems, processes to optimize the driving operation

Onsite testing of climate-relevant processes

    • Security Basics BSI
    • Heating systems,
    • Data transmission,
    • Potential for process optimization



Jörg Lorenz

030 46792315

Wolzogenstr. 28

14163 Berlin