Heider Elektro GmbH

We make houses and apartments SMART.

What began in 1972 as a conventional installation of electrical applications was continued in 1992 with the first application for certification of construction, programming and commissioning of systems in building.


SMART in the sense of smart / easy / self-explanatory. These concepts were previously more reserved for technology affine. On top of that the cost / usage analysis degrades many projects to prototypes in their beginning stages.

First the propagated energy transition, coupled with the pioneering invention of smart phones, tablet PCs, and apps brought new market impulses. Especially the loose handling of mobile phone apps, a new self-image for technology was revealed.

Meanwhile, there are many approaches, technologies, protocols, interfaces and programs for users to provide with data. These can also be used to create user interfaces for interactive manipulation of available processes.

Our goal is to make interactions for the users of such applications as simple as possible and to make the benefits of such technologies accessible and marketable.

We integrate systems and make users’ environments SMART.



Mike Heider

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Fasanenstr. 54

10719 Berlin