Ingenieurbüro für Bauwerkserhaltung Jörg Lorenz

Founded in 1985 as the company Hummrich & Lorenz in Berlin, it was re-formed as “energy and IT” in 1998 and has been continued since then by Dipl. Bauing (FH) Daniel Zielinski, Ing. (VFI) Jörg Lorenz, Dipl. Ing. Arch. Ulrich Reisert and other employees. The focuses of the company are:

BAFA consultancy, energy optimisation, building simulation, control, limit analysis and detection, online visualisation and adjustment of building parameters, IT-based mould detection, failure analysis.


Energy optimisation with a sound building simulation as a basis (amortization calculation); low cost measures a priori

Calculation Options: innovative heating concepts such as fuel cells, decentralised cogeneration plants, exchange of energy media, tenant-controlled concepts, and individual room regulation. Calculation of layered economic concepts, Integrative district heating systems, contracting.


  • Flow data of heating water
  • dto. warm drinking water
  • optimal recirculation cooling
  • Storage / charging systems
  • Elevators, maintenance, emergency rescue
  • compound controller
  • Consumption data of individual WE
  • Selection / accounting concepts



Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Reisert

030 46792317

Wolzogenstr. 28

14163 Berlin