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Experts for change management and organizational development

“The only constant is change” said the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, a saying already recorded in antiquity. This applies to companies today more than ever. Increasing globalisation, rapid technological progress, constantly increasing economic competition and, consequently, restructuring, cost reduction programs, mergers and acquisitions, strategy changes, are just a few reasons for change.


With advances in technology, the use of modern IT systems and drastic changes in work culture and organization go hand in hand. Mobile working and working from home (“work@home”) are currently taking on an increasingly important role. These changes require a change of thinking and action of all involved.

We will support you and your organization throughout your project. Our support starts during the planning phase, including advice on the entire (internal) communication process as well as tailored training and workshops for your managers and employees, and concludes with individual support of your managers. This is our understanding of holistic change management.



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