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Safety and Efficiency through Uniform Implementation

achelos supports the energy industry with the successful launch of secure Smart-Meter-Gateways and Public-Key infrastructures (PKI). Our experience and knowledge comes from numerous development projects in which secure electronic communication was paramount. This means that achelos can not only provide an extensive answer as to whether to make or buy a PKI solution for Smart Metering, but can also create a plan, lead a team, advise a project manager, support individual employees, or take over work packages according to the rules of the Common Criteria (CC). If an existing “Trust Center” is commissioned, we are able to offer advice about identification, qualification, rating and contracts.

Security Management

  • Definition of safety requirements according to ISO 27001 and BSI-Baseline Protection
  • Formulation of IT security policy, their strategies and policies
  • Creation of IT security concepts
  • Design of IT security architecture
  • Development of technical concepts of IT security organisation and the processes required
  • Residual risk analysis
  • Backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Preparation and support of the CC evaluation and certification
  • Documentation

Common Criteria Evaluation

  • Analysis of current security requirements
  • Security objectives, protection profiles, security requirements and security level
  • Safety requirements testing
  • Aid in creating CC-compliant documentation, reports on tests for CC certification and evaluation processes
  • Product development based on the relevant safety requirements
  • Development and implementation support
  • Coordination of the process between the customer and test laboratory

PKI design and implementation

  • Single or multi-stage PKI design for different company sizes and multi client models
  • Creation of sub-CA and Issuing CA specifications
  • Construction of the Certificate structure X.509 and runtime analysis
  • Special features of HES and utilisation of HSM
  • Creation of requirements and criteria catalogs in addition to tender documents (RFP) based on the specifications
  • Preparation of certification documentation
  • Individual case advice

External Trust Center Use

  • Creation of questionnaires (selection and service evaluation criteria)
  • Pre-selection and comparison of suppliers
  • Technical draft SLA
  • Assistance in contract drafting and negotiation
  • Interface definition and documentation (MDM software – integration system as a whole)
  • Design / recommendations for control box protection profiles
  • Preparation of certification documentation and instructions
  • Advice on individual implementation specifics
  • Project coaching and supervision with reviews



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