Master challenges with Smart Metering


The energy market is facing major challenges. This means that energy users, suppliers and producers and network operators are taking on new roles and developing new relationships.

Communication between measuring points, gateways and background systems should not only function reliably, but also ensure compliance with data protection regulations and data security by preventing security leaks or manipulation of readings.

Test End-to-End-Security with Qumate.eEnergy.World

“End-to-end security” is the top priority for collection, transmission and processing of data throughout the business process and the involvement of the relevant systems and components.

Verifiable conformity in accordance with TR 03109

With Qumate.eEnergy.World achelos provides an innovative test management tool suite for components such as smart meters gateways, like a smart grid. Since the publication of test specifications for technical guidelines (TR 03109) by the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI), achelos will shortly be able to test “end-to-end security” with Qumate.eEnergy.World. The test method can be used to check individual components or simulations.

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