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The Cloud Contact Center is a cloud-based multichannel dialogue platform. It replaces and expands conventional telephone systems (ACDs) and enables decentralized work with the highest safety standards in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act. The innovative technology allows for the management and control of collaborative IP-based jobs.

Access to the platform is possible through separate entrances for administrators and workers.



The Talent Media Center (TMC) is used for administration, planning, management, and monitoring.

The activities of all workers can be tracked through real-time dashboards that allow for intervention at any time. If necessary, additional capacity can be alarmed and therefore large capacity fluctuations are dealt with masterfully. The functions are designed so that they promote modern teamwork and significantly increase efficiency.

The platform is client-capable and allows for individual configuration and assignment of the right roles. The platform meets all requirements for a successful dialogue with customers for high quality service.



The Talent Media Interface (TMI) is installed by the staff on your computer and establishes access to the system.

It constitutes the net-based work of the Remote Agents: All functions that are necessary and helpful for the pursuit of the business are combined here – from call receipts to paperless billing.

It is also the main interface between the employees and their project managers, overcoming spatial distance and making collaborative teamwork possible.

Supportive Tools

In addition to the TMC and TMI Sabienzia offers supportive tools that ensure data protection, IP-based communications and the verifiability of an appropriate infrastructure Remote Workstation.



The Sabienzia Secure Desktop (SSD) is the complete solution for ensuring data protection in data processing at teleworkstations.

Data security is ensured both locally on the PC of the teleworker, as well as during data exchange over the internet, by the use of encrypted VPN tunnel. The SSD is aimed at companies with decentralized tethered employees (teleworkers) who want to process data from third parties (eg. customer data) safely and reliably.



The Communicator is the IP-based communications solution of Cloud Contact Center and enables internal and external communication. It links the following channels and opportunities with each other:

    • Classic voice calling
    • Video calling
    • Conference call
    • Single or group chats
    • Instant Messaging
    • Data sharing in Chat via Drag&Drop
    • Desktop Sharing



The Diagnostic Tool checks the employee’s digital infrastructure quickly and reliably. Thus, smooth support in case of problems and verifiability of previously defined security policies is ensured.

For this purpose the Sabienzia Diagnostic Tool analyses the hardware, software, security environment and network connections. Thus you are able to keep a constant overview of whether benchmark requirements for infrastructure and performance are adhered to.



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