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The building simulation is the centrepiece of an energy efficiency plan. Although this sounds self-evident, it is too often neglected or shortened. Of particular importance is this: alternatives must be examined at the beginning of a project. At the beginning of the project, it is still to possible to test other methods in a cost-effective manner. The further a project progresses, the harder and more expensive it becomes to change. For each project several disciplines interact and influence each other. Therefore, integrated design is the most efficient method for successfully mastering this interdisciplinary process. The building simulation, including all technical and commercial aspects is the best way to begin, since the best course of action has been found.

For energy optimization, depending on the project it may be useful to consider different aspects. Fundamentally, however, that a high architectural energy concept is one of the most influential parameters shows clearly: Of course it’s easy to shoot to crack with 200mm insulation thickness sledgehammer. A technical energy strategy will describe the key technical components. With a larger property a more comprehensive supply approach may be useful. Similarly, feasibility studies are often an important decision-making tool for the client, as well as the information about promoting the building project.

Example simulation for an old building

Example simulation for a new building

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