Kieback & Peter GmbH & Co. KG

Kieback & Peter has been an important system integrator for meeting the needs of individual clients at home and as a manufacturer of technology for building automation for decades.

A few years ago the automation of heating, air conditioning and ventilation was our customers’ first thought. Today, we can do much more. Individual room control is just as important as the intrusion of foreign trades the management platforms. Our customers increasingly profit from energy-efficient systems in addition to benefitting from added comfort.


Many of our customers already operate renewable energy systems and make use of the energy they generate themselves or offer it to the market. Whoever performs this step decides how the energy is used. For this, prediction systems are needed—but equally important are tools for making decisions and automatic implementation based on complex predictions.

The IT-based network of buildings with surrounding power systems, other consumers, and media suppliers offer enormous possibilities to this end. In the “green with IT” network, we find strong partners with whom we are discussing such issues, as well as promoting and developing solutions.



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